The service is guaranteed by a dynamic and professional staff

Floridia S.r.l. offers qualified support in terms of periodic maintenance. The service, advisable as completion of the generator set purchase, it is offered by the company both for its own production groups and for generators of other brands.

Periodic intervals, necessary for the correct and constant maintenance of the machines, are carried out by highly qualified and trained technicians according to the standards of Floridia S.r.l. The operations to be carried out are defined according to precise logic and provide basic oil and filter changes, checking the state and density of the batteries, checking the rotating parts, testing load, checking connections and electrical contacts
The optimal planning of the actions to be carried out on the Generator Set will be previously agreed with our assistance service according to the Criticality of the site, of the Entity of use of the GE, and of the Power supplied and of its Old Age.

The contracts will have a minimum duration of one year and may be renewed from year to year. Maintenance takes place through the stipulation of a contract and allows the choice between annual, six-monthly, three and four-monthly formulas and immediate availability service or within 24 hours.